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The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack Complete Series Torrent




In their day to day adventures, they are constantly trying to help a cute little boy named Croak who was born without a soul. But even the most mundane task can turn perilous for FlapJack and his buddies when a dark force from the idyllic past arises with a secret agenda, and the only way to stop them is for FlapJack and his friends to stop running and start swimming . The series aired in America on ABC Kids and in Canada on YTV. Characters FlapJack Jack of Time was the main protagonist of the series. A seven-year-old yellow labrador retriever with a white coat, brown paws and white spots on his ears, Jack is the son of Constable Ned and Gladys, and the brother of Spyro. His best friends are Digg, Frank and Squibbles, and sometimes his comic relief is provided by his stepfather, Lieutenant Wally. Jack's lifestyle is frequently put in danger due to his unpredictability and his small size. He cannot fly, dive, swim or see in the dark, but he has a keen sense of smell, which helps him in many of his adventures. He will occasionally use his super powers by "jumping" through the air and/or teleporting, and performing other heroic actions. His real name, Jack of Time, was revealed in season three. He is seen with the ability to use telepathy, which he was taught by his mother. He also has a very strong sense of loyalty and a need to help others. He often acts like a "demigod" and carries around a flashlight with him at all times. FlapJack's signature superpower is his ability to jump from place to place at a rate of over per second, as seen in "S.O.S. Aqua Jet", "O.M.G. Sink! Oops! Hot Water!", "How High Can Jack Go?" and "Something Fishy?". FlapJack has also been shown to teleport, as seen in "Double Trouble" and "Bubbles Everywhere!". His other abilities include vision enhancement through telepathy and jumping on and off of objects, as well as making clouds with his mind, as seen in "That's a Wrap!". In "FlapJack: The Movie", it is shown that FlapJack can make things float by thinking of it as a watery object. Digg Digg is a red chihuahua dog with a purple nose.



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The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack Complete Series Torrent

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